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The simpler way to check your spending and balances

Home Screen
Spending overview
Balances Screen
All balances
Insights Screen
Monthly in/out + averages
Count Screen
Tap to add up spending
Banks Screen
Thousands of supported banks
Dark Mode Screen
Automatic dark mode
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Link Banks

Connect up to 3 banks and their accounts


Up-to-date transactions and balances


Smart ways to look at your recent spending


See your daily average and monthly in & out


Open directly to spending information


Manually add spending for things like cash

Dark Mode

Automatically adjusts with brightness


Tap transactions to add up their amounts


Get a weekly reminder to check spending


Keep info secure with Touch ID or Face ID

Bank connected spending tracker

Open Rollie on the App Store with your iPhone camera

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Your financial data is encrypted end-to-end.

Rollie is built with Plaid. Today, tens of millions of people have successfully connected their accounts to apps using Plaid. Rollie doesn’t require you to create an account to use the app. All communication with your bank and Rollie is transmitted over encrypted tunnels. If you get a new phone, simply re-connect your banks and Rollie will reload the last 24 months of spending.


Rollie is a spending tracker for simpler finances, prioritizing ease over functionality.

We want more people to have knowledge of their finances, with easy access, and without getting involved with budgeting or putting in the manual work of sorting. Rollie lets you decide how smart your spending has been. Think of it somewhere in-between bank statements and a budgeting app.


Rollie supports thousands of banks in US & Canada, and is actively adding more.

Connect up to 3 banks and track them all in one place. Rollie is always working to support smaller institutions in US & Canada, follow Rollie on Twitter → for updates on newly supported institutions. We do have long term plans to support other continents, with Europe coming next.


Track your spending with rolling timeframes.

Rolling timeframes allow you to check your spending any day of the week and see the same amount of days worth of spending — 7 and 30 days. Strict timeframes like “This Week” show you a mix 1-7 days worth of spending, making it harder to track your spending consistently.