Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rollie?

Rollie is a spending tracker for iOS that connects with your bank accounts to provide you access to your spending, balances, and insights in a simple way.

Does Rollie cost anything?

Rollie is free to use when adding manual transactions. Connecting your bank account and keeping it up-to-date costs US$19.99/Year or US$1.99/Month and comes with a free 1 week trial.

Is my bank supported?

Rollie supports thousands of banks in the US and Canada and is regularly adding more. Please download the app to check if your bank is available.

Is it secure?

Rollie uses Plaid → to connect your banks and update your transactions and balances. Communication between Plaid infrastructure and financial institutions is transmitted over encrypted tunnels. Rollie has read-only access and can never touch or move your money. Any information gathered is only cached locally on your phone.

Why doesn’t Rollie have budgets?

We are trying to simplify spending tracking for the average person. We believe you don’t need a defined budget to track your spending. We treat your spending as rolling and average amounts that give you the freedom to decide wether you're above or below your goal.

Why doesn’t Rollie have categories?

Categories add a lot of complication to budgeting apps, and we want to approach them in the right way in a future release. Often times categories are incorrectly tagged, or not how people think of their spending. Especially when loading your history, it can be a pretty daunting task to go back and re-organize the last few months of spending. For now we focus on simple values, especially short term, and rely on transaction names to help you orient where your money went.

How often do my transactions and balances update?

Rollie updates 4-5 times a day, based on your financial institution and how often they update your history.

Is there an Android app coming?

We are currently aware of a small but important security risk with Android devices and the service we use to connect banks. When a more secure option becomes available, we will begin developing an Android version.

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